Too Soon The Night

“Too Soon The Night is a gorgeous tapestry of impeccable research and intricate worldbuilding. James Conroyd Martin brings Byzantine Constantinople to vivid life through the eyes of Stephen, a resourceful court eunuch tasked with recording the memoirs of the enigmatic Theodora, one-time actress turned Empress of the civilized world. A must-have for any fan of ancient-world historical fiction!” ~Kate Quinn, bestselling author of The Empress of Rome Saga and The Rose Code

“In this elegant second novel, the author brings to sparkling life Sixth Century Byzantium as seen through the eyes of Theodora and the eunuch Stephen. Readers will be enchanted with the inimitable Theodora. The memorable events she influenced, from the Nika riots to the building of the Hagia Sophia, and to the persistent religious controversies, are vividly and sympathetically told.” ~Eileen Stephenson, bestselling author of Tales of Byzantium and Imperial Passions

Palace eunuch and secretary Stephen records Empress Theodora’s life as she navigates wars, political and religious crises, a citywide rebellion, and the first world plague pandemic, all in a male-dominated world. As the most powerful woman of the Byzantine Empire, one-time prostitute Theodora installs her own candidate for pope, legislates women’s rights, and shuts down a massive riot, saving the empire.

~Available in Paperback, Hardcover, and as an e-book~