The Author

James Conroyd Martin is a writer of Irish and Norwegian descent who has been working on his Poland trilogy for many years. It began with Push Not the River, a novelization of a real countess’ diary of her experiences in the 1790s, during the rise and fall of Poland’s Third of May Constitution years. The family saga continued with Against a Crimson Sky and concludes with The Warsaw Conspiracy.

The Polish translations of the first two books, Nie ponaglaj rzeki & Pod purpurowym niebem, became bestsellers in Poland. The translation of The Warsaw ConspiracyWarszawski spisek,has just been released.

The most recent book set in Poland is tentatively titled The Boy Who Wanted Wings, a story of the Polish hussars at the Battle of Vienna, the first 9-11.

In the meantime Martin has published a ghost story, Hologram: A Haunting, set in Hammond, Indiana.
He is hard at work on a novel set in sixth century Greece.

Martin has retired from teaching in Chicago and now lives and writes in Portland, Oregon. He holds degrees from St. Ambrose and DePaul Universities.