Theodora is fired up ~ Don’t shut her down!

Chirp audio books has a limited time deal going on right now. The unbridged Fortune’s Child audiobook is just $1.99

First, let me wish everyone Happy Holidays! These are difficult days and I pray things normalize soon. For me, these last two years started with a broken leg and culminated very recently with a serious surgery. I’m doing just fine now. Along the way our two dogs, Charlie and Margie passed, leaving a big hole in the heart. But we go on, yes? Yes!

I’m not great at doing newsletters. I think this is just my fourth or fifth for 2021, so don’t think I will be flooding your mailboxes. No danger there! I hope you stay with me. Please do.

The Theodora duology has been doing spectacularly. I am working on something new, but I’m not ready to reveal the details yet.

Now~about the CHIRP limited time deal!

James Gillies, the voice actor, is the best in the business. Just imagine being the author of a book that you know backwards and forwards, and yet you become mesmerized by the narrator’s telling of it. I was spellbound! He’s that good! And for a limited time Chirp (no subscription fees, btw) has it on sale for $1.99, as opposed to over $20.00 on other sites. And that’s 14 plus hours of entertainment.

Because Chirp has created this fantastic sale, I’ve had them reduce two other audiobooks, as well. For a limited time the second book in the duology, Too Soon the Night and The Boy Who Wanted Wings are just $3.99. Both of these novels are also read by James Gillies. Just take a listen to the samples on Chirp. You’re not likely to see these prices again. Chirp also offers the opportunity of sending them as gifts! That’s cool. CHIRP is going to be really big, so don’t be afraid of latching onto a new service.

The second book in the trilogy picks up with Theodora and Justinian ruling from a double throne and ruling coequally. Theodora pushes for religious freedom and insists on laws that elevate the roles of women. She becomes a feminist and the most powerful woman on the world stage. Justinian codifies legislation in his Justinian’s Code, condensing thousands of old Roman laws. But the two rulers face two enormous problems. They have to deal with the very first world-wide pandemic plague. In light of today’s pandemic, theirs is especially interesting. They were not perfect rulers, however, and in 532 CE, the city of Constantinople rose up in rebellion. Things did not look good for their future. In fact, they had a ship fully packed and they were ready to flee when something stayed them. It’s a very critical moment in their story that I won’t give away here.

One of the seminal world battles, one comparable to the Battle of Hastings, was the Battle of Vienna, the focus of The Boy Who Wanted Wings. When the Ottoman Empire stands poised to overrun all of Europe at Vienna in 1683, young Aleksy, a Tatar peasant and expert archer, nurtures dreams of becoming a hussar, one of the elite Polish winged horsemen, and of pursuing the beautiful Countess Krystyna, both seemingly impossible quests. One day he must choose which quest to pursue.

That’s really all my news for now. Perhaps next time I’ll have a preview of what I’m working on.

For now, keep reading, but stay safe, and stay healthy! Looking forward to a fine 2022!

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