The Boy Who Wanted Wings – Read or Listen Now!

I am excited to announce that the audiobook of THE BOY WHO WANTED WINGS has been released.

James Gillies, the voice actor, did a terrific job! It is now on Amazon/Audible, iTunes,  e-stories, NOOK, Hummingbird, Libro.FM, My Audiobook Library, Downpour, TuneIn, Playster, 24 Symbols, Scribd, and a dozen others available to libraries, including Baker and Taylor and Overdrive.

~Vienna, September 11, 1683, The First 9/11~ With the fate of Europe  in the balance, young Aleksy, a Tatar peasant and expert archer, dreams of becoming one of the elite winged hussars and of pursuing the beautiful Krystyna~both impossible quests. And yet, one day he must choose which dream to pursue.

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