Happy New Year! Big Announcement~

Hello, if it seems like months since I’ve sent out a message, that’s because it is! I have been working hard on a new book. It’s underwraps for now, but you will hear about it soon.

The second book in the Theodora duology, Too Soon the Night, won the Chaucer Grand prize from the Chanticleer Int’l Book Awards, as well as a Bronze Medal from the Independent Publisher Book Awards.

Now, the two novels Fortune’s Child and Too Soon the Night are available in one e-book!

~Two Books in One~

Timely Update:

BOOKBUB has a current non-US deal going on the e-book, and to accompany that, I have lowered the price in the US to match it. You will have to go to Amazon, KOBO, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Smashwords, Google Books or any other venue where you buy your e-books to find out just what that special price is. But don’t wait. Here’s a link: https://books2read.com/u/31DB6D

You can do this writer, or any favorite writer, the greatest kindness by writing a review of a book you truly enjoyed. If you’ve read one or both of the Thedodora books, I would greatly appreciate your saying a few words about it on the Duology book site because it’s just come out and in need of reviews. Thank you so much in advance!

I hope 2023 proves to be a wonderful year for you! Cheers!

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