Fortune’s Child Update

Fortune’s Child has been doing extraordinarily well. Thank you for staying tuned to my very rare newsletters. I’m hard at work on the final installment of this duology. Hoping for the end of the year!

I trust you are all staying safe in these times and that things will return to somewhat normal soon although I think the world will have changed in quite a few ways. Sending my best to everyone!

A couple of my books have been placed in a promotional ad for free books. Do take a look.

I’m writing this on May Third. The Third of May Constitution enacted in Poland in 1791 set the background for my first novel Push Not the River which was based on the diary of a countess. Fashioned after the US Constitution, the Polish Constitution was the first of its kind in Europe, and while it lasted just a few short years because the countries surrounding Poland did not wish to see democracy budding in their midst, it is still proudly celebrated today.

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