~Unveiling a New Book~

Coming soon is a new book that I started years ago (more on that in a later post). I became fascinated with Empress Theodora of the Sixth Century Byzantine Empire, and that fascination led to the soon-to-be released Fortune’s Child, the first of two books.

Pictured here is the likely cover, with the probable addition of a blurb from a review.

Empress Theodora was born into a circus family. Her father was a bear tamer at the Hippodrome, a massive amphitheater, for one of the two main political factions in Constantinople. He lost his life when Theodora was very young, leaving her mother and two sisters to fend for themselves. Theodora became an actress, an occupation considered less than savory but one that gained for her considerable acclaim. Still in her teens, she became a mistress to the governor of a Byzantine province in Northern Africa. From there, fate put her on a path through the Middle East and back to Constantinople. One day she met the likely next emperor, Justinian, and despite numerous barriers she became the powerful Empress of the civilized world (Rome had fallen to barbarians). While her husband Justinian is credited with fully codifying Roman law, which is still the foundation of civil law in many states, Theodora became something of a feminist, working for women’s rights in many areas. One day her firm hand and bravery saved their regime from complete chaos.

Fortune’s Child: A Novel of Empress Theodora

Sharing much of Theodora’s rise to power and telling her story is Stephen, a slave and eunuch who has been sold and sold again. His story, too, is very interesting, as is the relationship between him and Theodora.

The exact publication date of Fortune’s Child is not yet known, but the book will appear well before the end of the year. A pre-order opportunity should be accessible within September.

Please stay tuned~

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