HISTORICAL FICTION NEWS: “Too Soon the Night” is on Pre-order

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Subscribers to my very rare newsletters are getting the news first. Too Soon the Night is the second book in the Theodora duology, following Fortune’s Child. The e-book has gone on pre-order sale. You should be able to find the book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, KOBO, GoogleBooks, and Apple.

E-BOOK DETAILS: The release dates posted for the various venues (end of June or early July) is more distant than the actual date because it allows for a cushion just in case. I’m planning an earlier release. If you have it on pre-order, you’ll receive it on the first day, no matter what.

PRINT DETAILS: Now, the print book will actually come available first, and I plan to send out a notice when that happens. If it does come out a week or more earlier, I’m hoping some fast and enthusiastic readers will post reviews so that we have a few reviews up on the very day of the e-book release. The book cover alone might convince some readers to go for the soft or hardcover print books. Take a look.

The duology is the culmination of an idea and work I started decades ago when I lived in Hollywood. A professor in an Art Appreciation class was commenting on the Byzantine mosaics found in Ravenna, Italy. Pointing to the image of Theodora, he said, “Class, I’m not a writer, but if I were, this is the woman I would be writing about.” And so it began. Theodora is a fascinating woman with multiple parallels to Eva Peron of Argentina.

Palace eunuch and secretary Stephen records Empress Theodora’s life as she navigates wars, political and religious crises, a citywide rebellion, and the first world plague pandemic, all in a male-dominated world.

Too Soon The Night is a gorgeous tapestry of impeccable research and intricate worldbuilding. James Conroyd Martin brings Byzantine Constantinople to vivid life through the eyes of Stephen, a resourceful court eunuch tasked with recording the memoirs of the enigmatic Theodora, one-time actress turned Empress of the civilized world. A must-have for any fan of ancient-world historical fiction!” ~Kate Quinn, bestselling author of The Empress of Rome Saga, The Alice Network, The Huntress, and The Rose Code

Thank you for your interest in my books. You are all terrific and I won’t wear you out with a million newsletters. Cheers! Stay safe!

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